Office Bearer

DARTS was born in January 2017 with hand full, like minded HAM of Delhi NCR. They are interested to take forward HAM radio as a hobby in North India. After the formation of this Society, office bearers were elected.

Following are the office bearer:-

Board Members

  1. President – Mr. M.S. Kamath, VU3SLJ, New Delhi, (Ex)
  2. Secretary – Mr. Pradeep Kumar, VU2AK, New Delhi
  3. Treasurer – Mr. B.P. Arun, VU3BPA, New Delhi

Executive Members

  1. Exe Member – Mr. Dharam Datt, VU3TTJ, New Delhi
  2. Exe Member – Mr. Suleman Khan, SWL, New Delhi
  3. Exe Member – Mr. Sachin Bhatia, VU3LJI, New Delhi
  4. Exe Member – Mr. Rashid Abbas, SWL, New Delhi