“Necessity is the mother of invention”.  Capital of India “New Delhi” gifted with two more repeaters VU2FUN-R (VHF repeater) and VU2HUB-R (UHF repeater) by two brothers VU3FUN (Rajesh) and VU2YEP (Karan) and three batches of new hams in the region compelled us to encourage them to be on radio. The core member group of Delhi Amateur Radio Technical Society (DARTS) came up with idea of Slim Jim VHF UHF Dual Band Antenna Workshop. VU2DBE (Debasish), a good homebrewer with many successful amateur radio projects in his radio shack, came forward with technical details and availability of all the material required for the workshop. VU2EXX (Pradeep) on behalf of the DARTS put tremendous effort to procure material for one dozen antenna for the workshop.

          Just one week before the workshop, VU3SLJ, VU3BPA, VU2HW, VU2DBE simulated the performance of the antenna at the radio shack of VU2EXX and successfully tested the prototype Slim Jim Antenna for the workshop. This Slim Jim Antenna is in itself a unique antenna as it is camouflaged in plastic pipe with end cap, making it all weather antenna.

          On the day of the workshop, amidst the chilling winter of North India due to recent snowfall, more than 20 amateur radio enthusiasts participated in the workshop. VU2EXX distributed the technical paper, all material to participating hams and under the watchful commands of VU2DBE the work for the workshop started. As the work progressed with the sounds of drill, copper pipe cutting, all hams passionately decorated their prized possession. VU3BPA and VU2KD volunteered to solder all antennae with their life-long experience. Two heavy duty 250 watts “Make in India” soldering irons were used for the workshop.

          Very soon after mid-day, antennae came to shape with a professional look. Laser cut spacers were got made by VU3BXS – Sumit, who travelled all the way from Yamunagar, Haryana for the workshop. Customized round support foams also got made so that antenna peacefully rests inside the plastic pipes. All such accessories proved out for antenna to be safe from any storm and weather effect.

          By evening, all were happy with their first ever homebrew antenna. VU2DBE tuned all antennae with Antenna Analyzer for VHF and UHF.

          Thanks to all participating hams, viz., VU2ATN, VU2KD, VU3BPA, VU2OEC, VU3AKW, VU3SLJ, VU3DQW, VU3FUN, VU3CYD, VU3BXS, VU2EU, VU3AYV, VU2MEI, VU2DBE, VU2SD, VU2BQD, VU2BQB, VU2BQC, VU2HO & VU2EXX.