Bharatkosh Registration

How To Register On Bharatkosk

Website –

  • On Google Search just type bharatkosh it will take you to this website as below:-
  • The moment you kick on that it take you to below mentioned page of Bharatkosh
  • Click on LOGIN / REGISTER
  • After that it will take you to below mentioned page
  • Just below the GREEN colour icon Submit you will find New User
  • Click on New User
  • After clicking New User it will take you to below mentioned page
  • Enter your mobile No
  • Enter your Email ID
  • Enter Captcha
  • Then press send OTP
  • Once you get the OTP enter the same in the below mentioned page
  • After entering the OTP press verify
  • After that it will take you to below mentioned page which is displayed here in TWO parts
  • In Depositor’s Category – from the dropdown menu select “Individual”
  • In Select Controller – from the dropdown menu select “TELECOMMUNICATIONS”
  • Enter your First Name in one row
  • Enter your Last Name in second row
  • Enter your User Name of your choice
  • Enter password of your choice as per the page below
  • After entering all the details as above Press Submit and then will take you to last page
  • The last page says “Success”
  • This completes the First step of your Registration on Bharatkosh website

Ohm’s Law

What is Ohm’s Law?

This was derived by a German physicist named as Georg Ohm (1789-1854),

Ohm’s Law is a formula used to calculate the relationship between Voltage, Current and Resistance in an electronic circuit.

In electronics, Ohm’s Law (E = IR) is as fundamentally important as Einstein’s Relativity equation (E = mc²) is to physicists.

E = I x R

Which is voltage = current x resistance, or volts = amps x ohms, or V = A x Ω.

In Ohm’s Law each alphabets stands as below which is used in our day to day electronics and in circuits we work on:

QuantityOhm’s Law
Unit of measure
Role in circuitsIn case you’re wondering:
VoltageEVolt (V)Pressure that triggers electron flowE = electromotive force (old-school term)
CurrentIAmpere, amp (A)Rate of electron flowI = intensity
ResistanceROhm (Ω)Flow inhibitorΩ = Greek letter omega

If two of these values are known, technicians can reconfigure Ohm’s Law to calculate the third. Just modify the pyramid as follows:

How to reconfigure Ohm’s Law formula.

How to get the licence

Getting a Amateur Radio/HAM Radio licence is very easy. Monitoring Station keeps conducting ASOC exam from time to time.

One has to get in touch with any club station like DARTS or any other club station in India or can contact directly to the monitoring station of that city for the exams. After clearing the written exam conducted by any Monitoring Station of any city in India WPC issues a licence to keeps wireless equipments and to operate them.

Click here for more info.

What are the categories of Amateur Radio License in India

Gone are the days, when we had multiple categories of licenses. We used to apply for the Shortwave Listener’s License to keep a communication receiver for monitoring HAM bands before upgrading to an Amateur Radio Operator’s license, which allows to work amateur radio bands on various modes, viz., CW, Voice, Telegraph or Digital.

Following were FOUR categories of licence:-

  1. SWL (Shortwave Listeners’ Licence, allowed only to monitor the radio frequency in amateur bands).
  2. Grade II (Restriction of power was there plus one had to make 100 CW contacts and then only, was allowed to use voice after getting the licence)
  3. Grade I (Restriction of power was there but was allowed to go on air through voice immediately after getting the licence)
  4. Advance Grade (No restriction of power and can go on air immediately after getting the licence).

Today, to encourage this dying hobby, WPC (Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing) has reduced the number of categories of Licence. There are only TWO types of categories which are as below:-

  1. Restricted Grade (Morse code is not required)
  2. General Grade (Morse code with speed of 8wpm)

One has to pass a written exam to get the licence for Restricted or General grade which is organized by Monitoring station in respective city.

Z Match Antenna Tuner

Hello and Welcome to view –

Z Match Antenna Tuner.

This is also one of the important machine most of the times can be found in one’s Shack. It can be used with a commercial Rig or with home brew Rig. This has to be connected between the Antenna and the Rig. Here is a simple design of this antenna tuner. One can assemble the same very easily provided he/she is a home brewer.  Kindly click the link below for further details:-

Download Z Match Antenna Tuner(MS Word Format)



DARTS First Meeting

First meeting was held in New Delhi after forming the society and to announce the club station name VU2DLH to all the HAMS in NCR.

There was a tremendous response to the call and over 50+ operators from Delhi, UP, Haryana and Punjab came together to celebrate the birth of VU2DLH club station and DART Society.

We welcome you to join us, become a member and learn from the experience of existing operators in NCR.